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I go by 1key, government name Ngangare Eric, I grew up in the two Congos, in Rwanda and have lived in a few other places across Africa. I'm an independent artist, actor (film and theater), poet, performer, producer and I got a thing for stage design. I write my own lyrics mainly in English, French, KInyarwanda, which I then love performing in form of poetry, rap, music - I play electric guitar on loop beats. Basically I'm a whole one-man band with my gears in my suitcase. 

I have collaborated with Saul Williams on Nepfune Frost- a film that became Coup de Coeur of Cannes Festival 2021; with J Ivy on his 2022 Grammy-nomitated album Catching Dreams; with Gael Faye on numerous stages; with a bunch of great talents in East Africa, Belgium, Germany, France and many more across the world. I'm usually on the move so there's a chance we might bumb into eah other in some random places in this world of ours. On the other hand, you can book me for a private, public, streaming event... I'm pretty flexible.

1key, 1love

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