Kitu, Vol1 - Backstory


So after the Ki Tour in East Africa (Kigali, Kampala, Bujumbura) I needed a place to stay and reboot. Grateful that for a month I was offered a residency at the Kigali Photography Centre, home of Kumba Collective, to write, create and occasionally jam with Alyt Mx for a few live/dj sets around Kigali. The experience was absolutely elevating.

Mid Jan - Mid Feb 2024, I was in Mainz, Germany, for another artistic residency at the Johannes Gutenberg University, the department of Africa Music Archive. It's in Mainz that I managed to set up a small studio in my apartment and recorded, with a stage microphone, vocals that I then sent to Alyt for editing, and mixing with the music he had produced for me. Eitball came through for the mastering.  

So here we are, halfway with the intended album concept, the plan is to upgrade the quality of this project and make a full album of at least 12 tracks by July 2024. I'm counting on your support. If you prefer to support with mobile money, we can arrange that too. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much.

1key, 1love 

Album: Kitu (Vol1)
Written & Performed by 1key
Produced by Alyt MX (IG: alyt_mx)
Mixed & Mastered by Eitball (IG: eitball_)
Cover art by Dolph Banza (_lubamask_)

Executive Producer: Ngangare Eric “1key”
Special thanks to Corrie Mwende for holding me down throughout the process. 

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