From the recording MWIRU


Prod by Barick Music
Written & Performed by 1key
Look at you third class citizen in your own country, Third World
Rights slightly above the goat held by a rope away of their herd
At least third class citizen has free will
Unlike the chicken tied near the knife that will be used on its throat
And the fish that was swimming freely till it got hooked on the boat
Rope, tie, hook, strings attached
Reminders of freedom limitations - dispatch!

Here's a line: Do not trespass or step on top of the chairs
Unless you're in the mood to invite the State in your affairs
Use this time or serve time or worse dissolve in the wild

The train is a trap if you're forced to stay on track
The train is a trip if you're willing to stay on track


Grim thoughts on my mind 247
Concealed with a smile since 11
So many scars on my body and soul
Some ain't mine, distant memories explode
In my dreams I suffocate drowning in dark matter
Multiple near death experiences, I know all about it
They say it's sleep apnea but I know the body is traumatized
If I take you on the journey of becoming me, you'll say Oh it's dramatized
Whatchu know about being diagnosed by a sick society
Yet all you do is seek clarity
This reality created a monster that even nightmares can't deal with
I'm a walking time bomb, every step is a warning
Keep messing with my calm and all there will be left is a mourning

It's ash to ash, dust to dust
Nothing to lose when your life feels like a bonus
What you got left when you've got no right left?
It's a hell of a flight with very few life vests
I put up a fight staying alive, dying is the least of my worries
How many of you have contemplated their afterlives before their forties
I strip naked as a cry for help, I get stoned by those I thought would hold me down
So I hold myself down, shiver in the corner of my mind, close my eyes and imagine a better world than this shithole

The year is 2020, my son's ass is in pain
He already got acquainted to the feel of classic canes
At only nine, he's being tortured for asking why he can't speak freely
Deep inside I know this runs deeper than his teacher can reach
At the same time does he understand what it means to keep a canine on a leash?
Modern ishiku, slavery hierarchy, ownership, mastership

Tool invented by colonialists to keep their subjects in line
Prelude of systemic Black-on-black crime, game instigated by evils in white who only rule by divide
Blame it on crack, cocaine, maryjane, cycles of death, pain, famine and exile
The burden of memory is a lifetime exercise, we're elevating it in dance
Heavy duty below minimum wage, expectation is excellence
Hematoma feet we keep walking
Body in coma, we dream talking

We turn war into poetry
Combat into choreography
This is trauma in motion
This is what destroyed my emotions

Look how many wars we got involved in
Wars that weren't even ours but were forced in
We fought we, you ripped the benefits
Part of we was ripped apart
Now we parler with the dead to keep their memory alive
Got a sense of guilt when I party more than 265
Coz we gotta keep it 100 for days
Nahmean? Death got a way of teaching wonderful ways
In Bagamoyo, I saw the chains at the slavetrade by the seashore
I felt the agony of my ancestors through the waves that the sea bore
Motherfucker! your forefathers dragged us into your madness
Now you can't even act like you care about our sadness

My soul ain't for sale, gotta claim that for for a start
This art right here is an extension of our heart
A pourparler at the parlor before we dine a la carte
My ancestors welcomed your ancestors
Your ancestors killed, tortured, enslaved my ancestors
Yet you're the most welcome among the Bantu of Ubuntu
But you always want to have everything - Planets and bright moons
Magma and suns, volcanoes and waters, land and winds
dust and stars, fauna and flora, micro and giga beings
All named after you!

These black hands built this world buy you still call me lazy, don't you?
When I don't tick any of your boxes, you call me crazy, don't you?
If hard work pays, where's my cheque? Goddammit!
From afar, you can smell my sweat! I’m hot damn it!

So you wanna know about my pain?
Does it turn you on, what do you gain?
Entertainment? Is that all you see in me? Look in my eyes
Do I look like I was born to entertain your fire
Entertain your guests, entertain your wives
Entertain your daughters, your pets, your bullshit all night
While you light up a match in dry pines, fuck up my atmosphere
Push my head under water as a matter of instilling fear

Pull me out, drown me some more, hit me on the surface
Pull me by my hair, soak me with your purpose
Drown me some more, spare me
Till I believe you save me every time I breathe
Drown me on free will, call that baptizing
Call me by your name and when I spell it correct, act surprised
Or take all the credit for my knowledge and invention
Patent my ideas and call them your creation
After all I'm just a savage, you're the sage, right?
I’m an immigrant but you’re an expatriate, right?

How do you hate us but act like you care for our apes?
You don’t wanna pay us, you just wanna infect us with your aids
More than money I need space to heal, it’s you who needs savings
Fuck you, fuck your deals and your corrupt values system
How come one of you Rose is more than a thousand Franks of us, see?
Everywhere you go but me- I gotta beg you for passes to banks or bus seats
Now Rona got you on lockdown? How does it feel?

Before we go supernova, it’s bright beams for your eyes only
When you get colorblind, maybe you might see us clearly
Kiboko! The whip is no import, it's imposed
Just like French, English... both superimposed
I don't just oppose, I juxtapose
I don't just compose, I expose
Fuck your morals, this is the life I chose