1. massa plan

Downloaded from 1keyziki.com


Prod/Mix/Mast by Nicolas
Writen & Exec Prod by Ngangare Eric "1key"
[Intro: Anonymous1]

[Verse 1]
Great Lakes in a Ring of Fire
Low wages, high mineral provider
Superpowers at stake in case of ceasefire
Tiny country, high density, feeling claustrophobic
No camera please, too long in the dark (I is) eyes photophobic
Media claims we're a negative image
Not even people - just some percentage
Face of the poor, top hits in the industry of pain porn
Next time it pours, you know who'll get rained on

Massa's plan or Masta Plan?

[Verse 2]
Land titles done change more than
Mobutu's in a lifetime
A building worth more than a thousand lives
Get the picture? Gentrification over population
Nation on auction to the highest bidder
Western affiliation, make profit margins bigger
Marginalized, capitalized on capital lies
compromised, colonized, disorganized
Bastardized constitutions, king-size presidents for life
Alas ink gets less attention than gunpowder
We'd invest more in education than arsenal if knowledge was power

Massa's plan or Masta Plan?

[Verse 3]
Anger tucked in genes, keys hooked to a pocket knife
Occupy by any means, grip the power, lock it tight
Institutionalized nepotism talking about pride
Fuck the system but be ready for infection
Vengeance in gestation, pain as legacy
PTSD in latency, you can't see
Consistency is constant state of emergency
Bleeding folks swimming in a pool of sharks
Leaping frogs in a barrel full of crabs
Still growing hopes inside walls with bullet cracks

Massa's plan or Masta Plan?

[Outro: Anonymous 2, 3, 4]