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Prod by Barick Music
Written & Performed by 1key
[Verse 1]
Inspiration overflow, too many lives in a single lifetime
Extra time in cycles, took a ride on the hands of time
I'm 37 daydreaming what I couldn't imagine at thirteen
Coz I was too hungry to sleep, too busy getting bugs off my skin, gigas off my feet
21 state of mind, forever young
Been responsible since 9 and still had fun
Dig the yard, slide in when rivers flow
Work hard, play hard till blisters blow
No bandage, blood flow, suck it in, sisters know
I was raised by king's men and priestesses in exile
Ubupfura is the code we go by, we don't die
Your spirit don't expire when you have lived to inspire
Truth be told, truth is like gold, it gets finer through fire

Mandwa mfasha
Mandwa mfasha
Mandwa mfasha

[Verse 2]
I embody the best sides of two great dynasties - Nyiginya & Kongo
Majesty of a crested crane, powers of a leopard, mind of a general
Hotep, I'm a god in these waters, not a dog on a boat
Nommo for your sons and daughters, I'm on that Dogon mojo
I go deeper when many struggle to estimate how long they gonna float
From the underground I watch clowns fight over paper, crowns
It's always funny till someone's a victim of a paid-per-crimes
System designed that you find way through a pile of corpses, I get it
The path from slavery to royalty ain't roses, it's bloody ain't it?
Sharks in the pool, leeches skin-deep, no loyalty guaranteed
I know a couple of things about power
If it's given now, it will be taken after
If it's seized by one, it will be snatched by another
It's extreme, in between people suffer
I live where ex freedom fighters fight freedom writers

Mandwa mfasha (x2)
Mandwa mfasha (x2)
Mandwa mfasha

[Verse 3]
I've been a leader before the word got bastardized
Before I got baptized, before I wasted my time gazing in the skies
Before I gave Jesus the wheel without asking "Can you drive?"
And how many gourds of wine in your system son of the most high?
I gotta bring back the cult in culture
Ever since Christianity came on the wings of vultures
We've been zombies with names we can't spell right
Been walking dead to the source searching for mine then I
Fell out of time but still I carried on
Trauma is an STI, I don't feel safe at home
The nigger in me got Stockholm Syndrom
I'm not a victim, that's just a symptom
Like Michael Jackson's skin, hair, body, nose
I might not know the cause but everybody knows
Who controls the media controls the narrative
In this paper world, it's Cesars/scissors that I rock with

Vuza Rwoga, orosora ibisumizi izinaniwe zateje urugomo
Koma karinga, twambare imiringa tuziteze baringa, vumbura inganji mu buvumo
Vuza ikondera, hamagaza intaganzwa, abashakamba n'ingangurarugo
Kora ku barenge Maguru aziture insibika Ruganzu aganze, Binego nyiribigango n'iminega itagwabira arambike imitumba
Nsunikira inyundo ya Nsoro, nsature ibitare mwene Rugambwa nsohoze urugamba
Ruraba rwambika inkoko itarabika, muraba mwandika, jye n'abatambyi twaje twambaye
Imyitozo ni za mbyino z'intore, imihigo ni bya byivugo, imvugo niyo ngoro
Uwakomye Rutenderi aricuza inshuro zirenga icumi
Icumu rya Bishingwe, Rukara narishinguye uwitambika ndamutambikana
Ntiza amaboko nkotane nk'ishyirahamwe
Umutsindo ube ihame isi yirahire ingangare
Uzankemanga azamenyeko ndi intiti ititiza injiji zize maze-