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UMVA Ft. Ice Nova

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Prod by Dr. Nganji, Michael Makembe
Written & Performed by 1key, Ice Nova
Vocal harmonies: Kaya Byinshii
[Verse 1: 1key]
Look! I'm trynna see clear through a constellation of dust
coz I still believe in a better version of us
Better circumstances, under better suns
No steps skipping, trust, the process is a must
I'm not wasting time getting old, I'm getting better
Learning how to turn ancestry butter into cheddar
You're all witnesses, I'm bronnin on these hills
Game too strong, I should have honorary rings
What’s the word from your god with capital G?
He’s a gimmick in my world, I'm on that Imana shit
Call it blasphemy but that's a blast for me
Ryangombe my Jesus, Kagame my shakespeare
Not so anonymous, my name fly Rwanda to Nigeria
I'm coming correct like I just paid my debts
I'm not street but check but I got that cred
Dexterity when I strike, these palms be soft but you can get this aikido
I got the wisdom of my ancestors and stubbornness of my kiddo
If any drugs Imma get you addicted to these bars
Pull up my shirt, taste this chocolate like it's Mars

Umva we

[Verse 2: Nova]
Biganza bigaba bitera de, ubigaya bimumene umutwe
Bakunda intwari zifitoye, zisingizwe bazigire inkone
Ndatsimbura iriba mvubura ibizima, nsingira izina
Ndiraga kurama, bitwara ubuzima kuryubaka
Bakaryibuka mu matabaruka
Sinzi impamvu babyiganira mu cyanzu
Bagatongerana imyaku,
Amazi aratemba nkagotomera icyanga cyayo nkazika
Amage aratera nkatuliya nkatabira nkategereza itumba
I know i'll be gone one day
It's all about the time that I'm here
And I'm the one to sing about me
Cause I know they don't care
Yeah I know they don't care

Umva we

[Verse 3: 1key]
Used to dream owning a black car
A black guitar dressed all black playing under the stars
Now I fuck with superstars, glow after dark
I rock with the dopest, got kgl nightlife on CPR
Joint after joint, we kush it, looks split but still one like letter i
Can't stop me when I'm pushin, tunnel vision with my third eye
I'm on that television like Eagle Eye
Arms spread wide like wingsuits, man I'm so fly
Sometimes I get high just so I can piss on cloud 9 and say hi
Look in the sky, is it a plane, is it a bird naah it's melanin in flocks
Me and mine we shapeshift, colorshift, mindshift, spaceshift
Shit in ya box
Shit on your clocks till your time drops
Musicin' with our chains, zoukin with our locks
Musin' on change, fuckin up your blocks
Inanga rockstars before the electric guitars
We remarkably Rwanda's eclectic big stars