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Mwiru is a body of 13 tracks shaping the journey 1key has been on in the search of connections- with self, his ancestry, nature, his place and role in the universe. This album is written and performed, mostly, in English, and featuring some of Rwanda's current hottest emcees, poets, singers (Bushali, Ice Nova, Mazimpaka Prime, Angell Mutoni, Kivumbi King, Kaya, Binghi, Umusizi Tuyisenge, Bill Ruzima, Samy Kamanzi, Flyingroots, Methuselah Sax Water, Arnaud Nganji, Jules Hirwa, Jules Le Mysterieux) and producers such as Michael Makembe, Chandresh, Barick Music, Junior Kafi, Dr. Nganji, and Nicolas Mucyo.

Executive Producer: Ngangare Eric "1key" PS: The album has the value that you give it. NAME YOUR PRICE. [For more buying options such as Mobile Money, go to

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