1. NDI

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Prod by Chandresh
Written & Performed by 1key
It's no secret that a huge part of my history been erased on purpose
By you know who! Do you now? I'm aware of the surface
I tried restoring the connection with my ancestry
So I climbed the family tree but tripped on a leaf
Oh free-falling isn't always that finally free feeling
But -
End of fantasy

I am the son of Karigirwa, daughter of Mukakimenyi, daughter of Mukakagage
Clan: Abasinga
I am the son of Karigirwa, daughter of Mukakimenyi, daughter of Samali, son of Ruvurajabo, son of Munanira son of Migabo
Clan: Abega
I am the son of Karigirwa, daughter of Ngangare, son of Mukamurari, daughter of... Clan: Abagesera
I am the son Karigirwa, daughter of Ngangare, son of Kayumba, son of Muziga, son of Sekamuna.
Clan: Abanyiginya

Clan: Abanyiginya
Clan: Abanyiginya

Now that I have a seat among you, I wanna say thank you
But also I have a confession, do you mind?
I used to think of culture as a tree, without asking what kind?
At the root, where's kind in mankind when women are erased on purpose
When black lives are endangered amidst white garbage surplus
When lesbians, gays, trans, queers are secluded in closets
Lemme not act like I never used to be one of those homophobic dudes
I could blame it on the society that caution it as if cool
Umuco gang with their nose in my shit, business as usual
Shaming cult, tweeps' diagnosis calling people delusional
I'm so sorry I've been an ignorant perpetrator and victim of isms
I'll probably be called a pussy over this but I don't care
And you macho man, how much weight can your big balls carry anyway?
You know I've come to realize there's such a thing worse than racism and sexism
You know what it is? You-phobia
As I learn to be better, I hope this poetry brings you euphoria
Love, knowledge, strength and power to believe in your utopia
My name is 1key and I am one of you - pawa!

I am the son of Matama, son of ... uhh, son of ... uhh, son of.... uuh,
Clan:... uh!
I am the son of Matama and Karigirwa
I am the sum of their histories combined
Whether aware or not, the legacy of power
runs deep in every cell, every piece of my mind
They say 1key be careful, do not outshine your master
I look at em and say, "I have no masters, naza na ba masta, get it?"

I am me moi jye
Niko mi nga nje
Muntu wa Bantu
Muntu wa Bantu