1. TWE

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Prod by Junior Kafi, Michael Makembe, Dr. Nganji
Guitar: Jules Hirwa
Saxophone: Methuselah Sax Water
Written & Performed by 1key
Contributor: Mathilde Faure
Hello! Can you hear me? Are you free?
How you doin? Are you alone? What's your mood like?
Are you movin? Are you home? I Just wanna say good night
But before I do, there's something I need to say
It's all good tho, just memory tricks on replay
Magic film of nature screening on the window pane
Something about the rhythm of the rain
Raindrops morphing into one another
I'm not calling to talk about the weather
But something about the way trees dance with their arms branching to the clouds
The resisdance of essence rooting from the underground
The explosive dusty perfume
All this reminisces of you

You move like poetry, so free
Plus you got that drip, so real

Sometimes I can't help but wonder what star you're made of
Your eyes got me under a spell I don't wanna awake from
Taro cards, game of words, late night confessions
Your body is a whole world, I'm into explorations
On that beach when we made love, I saw the universe in your hair
Too bad you're lactose cause your smile got some milky way
And your gum is dark chocolate just like how you like it

Can we get affectionate without getting attached, and not fight it?
Say every other friday night, sex away our insecurity?
I have faith in you and wish you health and longevity
I love you and that doesn't mean we have to be together
I guess I'll see you when we see each other
In our next momentary forever

You move like poetry, so free
Plus you got that drip, so real


You say if I what I say is true about you
Why don't I choose you
I say I've picked you many times
You just didn't realize
Clinging on the old we isn't quite very wise
I give, I take, I leave, don't be so mad
It's kinda risky falling in love with a nomad
I'm on this solo stage, love hold no hostage

We shouldn't have fucked then
Now that we have, it's fucked heein
I got my tongue twisted on hers, juicy
My dick swimming in her pussy
My fingers rubbing on your clit
Her chin on my lower lip
My hand on her face
My piercing entangled on her necklace

She put me on books
I put her on kush aaah
She put me on looks
I fuck her on the roof top