1. En Root

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Prod by Barick Music
Written & Performed by 1key
Entre 2 has been a beautiful journey
Lots of discovery
I thought we could take another trip
Come with me

Take me to the roots of my family tree
Lead me to the truth and set me free
Save me from the dark, my world is full of lies
My shining star (x2)

C'est le retour d’âge d’un adulte prématuré
Les boots dans l’asphalte, en route, le parcours est inauguré
Les yeux dans les étoiles, je cours après mon ombre
Car retracer mon histoire c’est recoller les décombres

Mes traces ressemblent aux marques des pieds sur la plage
Aussi belles qu’elles paraissent, elles disparaissent avec la vague
Racines intraçables, je suis superficiel comme une algue
C’est haut du gratte-ciel que je cherche la base du baobab

Sur cet arbre généalogique, je ne sais sur quelle branche m’accrocher
Donc je me livre à la technologie pour me rapprocher des étrangers
Espérant le monde sera mieux si on acceptait tous de se mélanger

A peine la troisième generation des peuples soumis
L’histoire de ma nation reste fondée sur un mythe
Je crois pas qu'on ait apparu comme en un jour des champignons
C'est pourquoi je cherche mes souches comme le noyau de l’oignon

On perd la voie de nos ancêtres, l’occident profite
On se vend aux enchères depuis que le dollar est notre devise
Main d’oeuvre bon marché, l'Afrique reste en crise
Les Etats se multiplient plus on se divise

Take me to the roots of my family tree
Lead me to the truth and set me free
Save me from the dark, my world is full of lies
My shining star (x2)

It’s funny how
I’ve been looking for myself all this time
Only to realize that I was here the whole time
I tried to find myself through religion
Race, ethnicity, nationality, traditions even profession
But none of these worked out for me
So reinvented my personality
I decided to embrace the fact that I’m this mass or mess that absorbs what the world throws at it.
Who or what I am is no longer a big deal
I’m here and that’s all that matters.

I’m here right now to say thanks
Because I don’t believe there is such thing as self-made
So I’ll start with my grandpa… rest in peace beautiful soul.
Thank you for teaching me by simply being you.

Thank you mom. I know you don’t know how I do whatever I do know that you believe in me. And that means a lot.
This goes out to tantine Chantal, you changed my life. RIP. I wish you were here.
To you Faustin… you’re my childhood everyday hero. Thank you for all the sacrifices.
To my son… you’re my balance in this crazy world. I love you.
To all my aunties… Didine, Yvette and Mukaza… thank you for being there and for making me feel special. Thank you.
I have a dream that one day we can all sit around a table and laugh altogether. So many comedians in the family.
I also wanna thank Barick… You played a huge role in Entre2. I mean literally. I’m proud of you bruh. Hang in there just a bit, passion pays.
Junior Kafi, your touch is divine. Keep doing what you do bro.
Dady Cassanova, Samy Kamanzi, Ricky Password, Body of Brian, Jason Ntaro, Nono, Nat… thank you so much for pouring your hearts on this project.
Tony Mwesigwa, Reniout Dujardin… you guys did an amazing job on the cover. I can never thank you enough.
Diana, Betty, Spoken Word Rwanda, Nunu, Kwivuga Kampala, Cecile Kayirebwa, Eric Soul, Nelson, Kigali Up… Thank you for the vote of confidence.
Dorene, Colin, Josh, thank you for all the support. Keep it real.
Kaneza, Fiona, Leah, PK, Dan, Gladys, Sam, Ze Clew… you’re the friends I’ve always wanted to have. Stay cool. I love you all. Be happy.
And to you that shared my music on social media… I really appreciate. Thank you all you tweeps, friends on Facebook…
I don’t know where this music is going but I’m gonna let it take me.