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Produced by Danybeatz
Guitar by Nganji Arnaud & Deo Salvator
Written & Performed by 1key
Inspiration: Read All About It (Part 3) by Emile Sande
I cannot sing but I can shout
I'm gonna write till my ink dry out
Put it in all of your media
I'm not afraid, they can read all about it
Oooh Ooooh oooh

'Cause my need to love is stronger than the fear of being hurt
My urge to speak is louder than the risk of being misheard
If being misunderstood is my curse, well I curse the curse
Reverse the course, witness my glory '
Cause the universe blessed me with words to tell my story
I rehearse moments before they happen as if life is a play
I grab my pen and write my way 'cause I see no better ways to life fully
Destiny isn't pre-set you can create it eventually
Mistakes are only mistakes repeated intentionally
There's a lesson in everything, observe carefully
The worst NDE I can ever imagine is looking back regretfully
Feeling sorry for all the things people never read 'cause I never put it on paper
Feeling sorry for all the things I never dared 'cause I kept thinking "I'll do it later"
Remember, time waits for no procrastinator
Today I challenge you to dare and tell your story so we can all read about it