1. stance

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Prod/Mix/Mast by Nicolas
Writen & Exec Prod by Ngangare Eric "1key"

Ndacura, gura, sinkopa
Ndacura, gura, sinkopa
[Verse 1]
First things first
Praise be to the ancestors for godly genes
Verse to lift the curse
I spit in the mix, seeds offerings
The force still is with me through this pandemic
Let's ride together like it's a tandem, no panic
Death of handshake, rebirth of the nod, I see you
Mix soap with rain, make pact to stay safe with the oval moon
We got enough power to crack the ground, make another Nile
Fuck what em racists say, we black on black in a web of lies
Middle fingers in the air, verbalize with I

misconceived misled
Misplaced misperceived misread
Misunderstood misinterpreted
Mistook misrepresented

underestimated underrated
understated undergraded underpaid
Underradar underdog underground
By the way undergod , undercrown

Name a calamity I haven't faced yet look how bright I shine
More complex than the equation of Time.x.i
I regulate waves, equalize vibes
I populate maze, mobilize minds
I am the Most High in the reflection of my eye

Ndacura, gura, sinkopa
Ndacura, gura, sinkopa

[Interlude: Anonymous 1 speaking Kinyarwanda]

Ndacura, gura, sinkopa
Ndacura, gura, sinkopa

[Verse 2]
And if the brain be the hardware
Education is the software
Big part of my story's been erased
Motherfuckers put me in a race
Wired my feet to control my pace
Equated my skin color with their worst fear definition
Ariko my -ntu essence got nothing to do with complexion
So I do refuse to turn my existence into a mere competition
What the fuck do you know about the power of dark?
It absorbs everything and births stars
And your racist hand won't control my light tho- blackout
what's sad is that even in daylight black lives are on the lookout
But remember this, BLACK is POWER, fool!

Ndacura, gura, sinkopa
Ndacura, gura, sinkopa

[Outro: Anonymous 1 & 2]