From the recording ki


Written, Performed, Exec. Prod by 1key
Prod, Mixed & Mastered by Dr. Nganji


Welcome to the city shifting paradigms
Started with hymns to turn into paradise
This shine didn't come outta snap
On the rise to the top, I bought a map hmm
A lot of figure-it-out-for-yourself
With a side eye saying watch your steps
It's a maze and I'm free runner
It change, I change, it rains Imma be under
The shelter of my baby lover
A lot of unsaid donts you realize when you do
Speculations when you don't, you could
Live in paranoia state of mind if your mind ain't right
In every eye contact, street corner, see a spy
On the bright side tho, we're meant to fly
Cause damn we phoenix, fire in the sky
I hope you feel this, fire in the sky

Fire in the sky
Fire in the sky
Fire in the sky
Fire in the sky

Back on my old lady doing eight on a sixty
I keep going back and forth to the city of hills
Trynna maintain balance between peace of mind and expensive bills
Give Sophia what she needs then do what what you please
Yeah cityscape not an escape, I'm trotting the world
Conscious of my phases, I stay true to my words
Sometimes I don't care, at times I care way too much
I been tending to my own pain, don't expect me to trust
So easy jump into your arms and give up on my journey
Either way the suitcase by the door will always remind me
When it's time to grow, it's time to go
When it's time to go, it's time to grow
Hit the road, Key!