1. Meta

From The Recordings Html


Written, Performed, Exec. Prod by 1key
Prod, Mixed & Mastered by Dr. Nganji
Saxophone by Dawidi


We met in a meta
Physical world
She an alpha
I'm a beta
Piece of work
When she meta
Morphoses words
Into matter
Fact is she makes me calmer
She the space, the comma
To my phrases, no drama
Through my phases, she might meet la mama
Flirtatious mind, hold my hand
Ain't trynna think how this might end
On your flow I depend
I'm sinking into the deep end
Take me into your sacred chamber
I'll share a secret only you can remember

Naming is defining, let's go with the vibe
One time, two times, three times
four, five, sixty nine
Lost count
Lost and found
In your eyes
Pour some wine
I'll roll one
My fingers moonwalking on your spine
Ice cube melting between your thighs
I fantasize
About the taste of your sweat
When I kiss your neck
And whisper in foreign
Unasikia utamu wa mboo hii
Nakupa ukweli si utani mambo hii
I'm a big boy
Bring out the toys
Make some fucking noise

Mboo nasikia saa vile
Tume express a lot that was hidden under the skin
Genre ulikua unaniambia meet me in this corner, in this feeling
Utavuze, uti find me, discover me, take me, reach me
Give me, dig me, fill me up, please me, please, teach me
ivo ivo
I came
I came to experience you, sasa ni mimi I'm finding
In the silence of sentence, the syncing of our dancing
The rythm of our breathing
It's as if the parts of me that I've been hiding
Find home in the parts you've been looking for
This mess we made is exactly who we are, beautiful