1. You're a poet?

From the recording ki


Written, Performed, Exec. Prod by 1key
Prod, Mixed & Mastered by Dr. Nganji
Saxophone by Dawidi


Intro: So I have this friend of mine, a comedian who does standup, and most of the time when he introduces himself as a standup comedian, the first thing people tell be like, "Yo you're a comedian? Tell me us joke!" And then he be like, "What do you do?" Maybe the person says "I'm a banker." "Yeah, give me a loan!" That's not how banks work my friend. As a poet as well, I get a lot of those. You know, like "You're a poet? Tell us a poem!" Usually I be like...

It's like a push of a button, freestyle up
Soon as I say I'm a poet eyes light up
I could shed more light if you're up for it
Cause I'm fired up
Don't test me, I been tried out, tied up
Wired up, word up?
I wrote this rhyme in anticipation for a time like this
Free your mind from expectations and vibe like this
Throw one in the sky like this
Ain't no other time like this !
Free your mind like this yeeaaahhh!!

Kwambara umwenda w'ubusizi ni nko kwiyambura ubusa nk'umusazi
Gotta be ready

Off the top, off the charts, offline but chats online
Never stop dropping bars, delivery is on sight
I'm that guy when your top 5 need a fix
Mention another mc here who can rhyme in 6
Enigmatic, charismatic like one in the matrix
Been trainin like I'm prepin' for the Olympics
Racin on my own pace, I'm so prolific
Eye of a tiger facing my own weakness
Flippin 'em strings like Hendrix
I keep reminding myself survival is only temporary
Been rewriting mythology, on god I'm so legendary
Blew up since the big bang, I'm no new to this
Grew up doing my own thang, I'm so used to this
Low-key underground leader, my mind a silo
High-key flamboyant rhymer, mad styles with a tight flow
I came with the tools to raise the roof
I'm a walking booth, my bars the truth
Untapped, uncompromised
Next to popular streams, I'm a wildflower y'all
Mastering my dreams, I put in 10,000 hours and more
I've been through all kinds of survival, endless testing
Shook hands with the devil, ended wrestling
I walked through fire, came out polished, no visible scar
Divine skin in a spirit that shines like noon in Zanzibar
I've been around the sun for a while, seen many moons and stars
Blessed by shooting stars
Old school with a body of a 24
School of Thought : Just do it
With or without the swoosh
Tell Nike, we been through it
We still ain't through it