1. Music & Poetry

From the recording Kitu, vol1


Ladies, gentlemen, nonbinary
I go by the name of 1key
Straight outta KIgali
Rwanda, East Africa
And what I do is poetry
So allow me to take you back in time
when I would step on stage
Only one poem in mind, not fully memorized
Half-baked cause I been busy with my day
Nine-to-five'ing you know what I mean
Mixing bread-winning with hobby ting
That was before the jump
I remember one moment
I recited a piece of my poetry
And at the end of the performance
Somebody said to me: Nice speech!
Whatchu mean "nice speech"?
I mean I understand the compliment was genuine
But I would have preferred some like "Great performance"
Cause I thought I'd been combining rhythm
with rhyme would make your soul dance
I guess I needed music
So I went to Alyt and I said my brother
"Let's give people music and poetry"
Are you ready for ki2 (kitu)
Kitu kitu