1. Between U & I

Downloaded from 1keyziki.com


Written, Performed, Exec. Prod by 1key
Prod, Mixed & Mastered by Dr. Nganji
Saxophone by Dawidi


So here we are
You and your preconceptions
About who we are
Me and my ambitions to change my conditions
It's true I come from far
Lube the machine, set it in motion
I told you I'm sailing towards my star
And I'm going all in with all my art
Can't forget his h.e.
Self taught, self educated, edgy
Self motivated, writing is HD

So what did you expect?

That in this time and age
We'd still bow to the old ways
Yes massa, oui monsieur, ndio afande, yego nyagasani
For your info we got big egos and enough dignity
To say
fuck you
fuck your shit
we own ourselves
We honor our ancestors in the choices that we make
Every important decision that we take
Is in consideration with past & present
I cannot just be myself, UBUNTU, do you understand?

Lemme explain, look...

Between you and I
There's your story
and mine
Several eyes
And the looks
In between

Between you and I
There's a whole lot of history
Perceptions and mysteries
Biases and lies
There's your words
Energies behind each
And the translating works
I put in to decode your speech
The languages of our bodies
Made of different genetics

And then
There's a silent moment
An act, a masquerade
A twitch that looks like a smile
And the disgust in your face
When you realize
You won't have it your way this time

Between you and I
There's power trips
Money dynamics
Guilt trips and schemes
Family ties and genes
Scary realities and wild dreams

Between you and I there is a space
If you can replace this space with respect
Then perhaps we can begin to experiment with the rest