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Prod by Dr. Nganji, Makembe
Written & Performed by 1key, Bushali
[Intro: 1key]
One to the key
The real definition

[Verse 1: 1key]
Infinite worlds in one, keyword is one, word is worth
Word is bond, word is work, word gives birth
Word is food for the soul, unreservedly I serve
I got the verb, I got the verve, but don't you try my nerve
When it's all said and done, I get back on my surf
I mean board, swerve between multi-verses
On the web I'm Miles, away!!
My way is the hardway on the highway, I'm wide awake
By the way, right away after I write away, I fly away
Underground like an earthquake I make a lot of wave
Giants shake at the sound of my undertone
I get people out of their comfort zone, still I keep a humble tone
Man I'm at this club where mediocrity is the pass
I understand it's better than the poverty you loved in the past
But I'm just not about your trauma driven proverbs
I'm pro verbs that uplift souls "I deserve better now more than ever" is the reverb

[1key] I run this shit on the low
It's tectonic move on the floor
[Bushali] Ishene izana umugese, gupfa ni ukwimikwa
Ugenda biguruntege utazi kiruka

[Verse 2: 1key]
Fuck your colonial ties, palace negroes allergic to freedom
Fuck the police for killing my nights like I don't need 'em
Anybody try to stop my flight, there'll be claws through your eyes
I'll leave you blind while I soar to the stars
Maybe then your black ass will realize what it is to be left in the dark
Push me and I come back with your energy and mine combined
I don't throw jabs at any enemy that come by
I know the size of the fight in me is bigger than any fight I've been in
And I've been winning, no loss I've been learning, no pause I've been teaching
I'm trynna be a good ancestor to kids beyond my breed
I'm behind that money that changes lives so the young might dream
At the same time I'm trynna be kind to my people with low IQ in high seats
How dare you call the genius in me for a lunatic high dude
Any of my stanzas is a haiku, but you'd rather zoom into my nude
Before I say goodbye to you, I thought I'd remind you that I've overpaid my dues
I salute the best, dueces to the rest, motherfuckers!

[1key] I run this shit on the low
It's tectonic move on the floor
[Bushali] Ishene izana umugese, gupfa ni ukwimikwa
Ugenda biguruntege utazi kiruka

[Verse 3: Bushali]
Umwijima urumuri, singomba kuba undi
Nari ukuruza inda, nkakuruza namavi
Singobwa umunsi undi, nakwereka ikundi
Hakorerwamo staff uuhh byose byukuri
Nahoze hano unsanga
Naraziritswe nk'intama narabaye nk'umutama watakaye mu manga
Aho ukata urasanga, umusaza wibihanga
Wirinde guseka shaaa, budacya unamubyara
Ishene izana umugese, gupfa nukwimikwa
Ugenda biguruntege utazi kiruka
Ko utewe ubwoba n'isi utumva nibyo bavuga
Disi n'agapeti have kugahabura!
Bakunda batunda batumva
Bahunga barunda
Bakunda bahunga bahumba