1. NDAJE

Downloaded from 1keyziki.com


Prod By Junior Kafi
Written & Performed by 1key
[Verse 1: 1key]
Call me amazing when I make it out of the maze
I'm still in that rat race, cheese blurring my gaze
I got a feeling only 5% live while the rest try to exist
I know there's no shortcut to excellence, that's why I do resist
The urge for an easy way out, man I've been hard lately
Not about to soften down, it's just a flip in the art
I been baking concepts, breaking bread soon
Before breaking views, I'm breaking news
Prime time freestyle unrehearsed
High mind, I write in reverse
Fly higher, rhymes I disperse
Live wire, I connect live and direct
Pain, passion, pleasure that's what I feed on
I want money but I need time and freedom
They say you can't have it all
Yet for a lil change they'd trade it all
Betray their own, derail their goals
I stick to mine like magnet on steel
I'm on that Basquiat, that Andy still
My simple is subversive to most
But like a dimple I'm not something you post

[CHORUS: 1key]
Should I stay or should I go
Ndaje also means I gotta go (x2)

[Verse 2: 1key]
Music the tapestry of my flow
Still top of trees when I fly low
Still invested in my craft
Still interested in my drafts
Still poetry my speech therapy
Steady heartbeat like a 808 rap beat
High on dreams
Heart on sleeve
Art on beat
Themes on repeat
My feet are free
Even when my knees are weak
I know no one is a poet home, I had hopes I'd switch that
I thought you'd reckon, skip the lies and cheap chats
I'm not chasing validation but respect the name
Tell em parasites in media stations, I came to disinfect the game

[CHORUS: 1key]
Should I stay or should I go
Ndaje also means I gotta go (x2)

[Verse3: 1key]
I'm built for tough like pyramids
When times get rough I sit amidst
Cactuses staring at wakes
Still, I contemplate, anticipate
Extrapolate possible passages
Five years of career mode in the game flying solo
High stamina, I still got that firy mojo
No flex but I fix your fave's rhymes in my DM
While impatiently waiting for my time, I carpe diem

[CHORUS: 1key]
Should I stay or should I go
Ndaje also means I gotta go (x2)

[OUTRO: 1key]
My confidence throws petty minds off balance
I dance in the streets while you judge out of ignorance
I'm the best writer in town, haven't even popped a wheelie yet
I got a couple of ride or die, if u hatin now, You're really late
Peace out!